About the Agency

A small business determined to grow your business.

san diego digital marketing agencyTower Marketing Agency was founded in 2010 to leverage inbound marketing strategies for clients that have big goals and modest budgets. We love working with new clients and enjoy every marketing challenge large or small.

Consider our agents as detectives, private investigators, and problem solvers. Each new project begins with a client discovery process and research into past campaigns to gain valuable insights.  We may ask a lot of questions, but it is because we care about you and your business.

There is no single solution to assist clients. advanced website developmentEach new project or campaign is tailored to fit the budget and objectives outlined in consultations. With every project, our goal is to educate and lead the client towards an eventual self sustaining marketing platform. Whether you need a website redesign, rebuilt or just rewritten, we are happy to take on the job. And by happy I mean we can’t help but smile along the way, this agency is a way of life. We live the GOOD life. We live to inspire, motivate, and spread positivity within every client relationship.

Building a killer website is a good start. inbound marketing san diego website designYour website is your foundation, the concrete that holds together the structure and canvas of your brand image. If you don’t consistently maintain this image than your customers will see right through the gaps in your foundation, if they were able to find it in the first place. We specialize in post launch techniques to drive traffic to your website, increase social media influence, and convert prospects into sales.

Analytics for long term success. social email digital marketing By using online strategies there is a gold mine of information on your customers and their interactions with your brand. Marketers have been compiling data on users long before the NSA was ever in the news. This quest for detailed analytics is highly valuable for calculating return on investment, traffic rankings, and new market opportunities. Our agents provide  full analytical reporting often reserved for larger corporations. It is our goal to use these cost effective solutions to expand small businesses and help support what made it means to be Made in America.

The future is virtual and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our main agents are headquartered in beautiful San Diego and we strongly encourage you to drop by for a beer and a sandwich. To maintain low costs, the majority of our work is done virtually, but we do currently have agents on the East Coast and are happy to make an on-site visit if you are somewhere in between. Getting to know our clients is vital to understanding their brand and we strongly encourage meetings over skype or in-person. marketing services san diego california

Learn more about the client relationships we build to create long term business success.