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Market Analysis

We learn from past marketing efforts and previous digital analytics to find conversion issues on your website. Using top analytical tools, our agents gain a behind-the-scenes view of your web traffic. This customer discovery process incorporates brief environmental, competitive, and internal research to better understand your specific niche.

This step includes the necessary research to build a strong foundation for future marketing efforts. Our personalized campaign design is derived from the knowledge we gain while learning about our client’s industry, goals, and objectives. Not only do we enjoy the process but have found that clients often do not complete this valuable step in their content marketing strategy.

“You took the time to get to know us and our needs.”

Marilyn Winograd, MDW Educational Services

Build Infrastructure

We develop scalable strategies and designs that can be easily executed by our clients. Setting up social media pages can be confusing and our staff knows the proper techniques to build the solid foundation for your business. Whether it be a website design, content strategy, or new promotion, we give you the tools to quickly replicate the processes that prove successful.

Our websites are mobile, user, and search engine friendly. With your goals in mind our staff develops the appropriate functionality to easily implement a content strategy in your marketing plans. Often, building infrastructure includes educating employees. We are happy to create guides, processes, and training material for your business to follow.

“Roger was timely with his correspondence and always able to provide materials.”

Steve Martin, Purdue Research Park

Create Content

Google continues to place importance on valuable and fresh content in its search engine results. Offering helpful tips, new product uses, and useful content better engages potential buyers as well as Google. Our staff specializes in keyword rich text that reads well to humans and robots. Rewriting on-page content will help to improve results, but developing an ongoing content strategy is the ultimate goal with clients.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. We develop content marketing strategies that enable our clients to eventually operate themselves. We are able to write all your content, act as an editor, or take a hands-off approach while providing the training for your employees to develop in-house content.

“Not only did he deliver outstanding results, but he constantly came up with innovative ideas”

Dan Levy, Atlas College Marketing Group

Evaluate & Re-target

After a campaign has launched it is essential to measure success. Depending on business objectives success is measured in different ways, but using analytic tools we can track detailed website traffic information and diagnose the campaign effectiveness. If a campaign is shown to be hitting conversion rate goals then only minor changes may be needed, but ongoing success is achieved through improving effective strategies, re-targeting unsuccessful ones, and launching new innovations to keep your audience, leads, and customers engaged.

We won’t just build you a website. We will maintain, update, and improve it based on analytic data. Determining return on investment is the key evaluation of the campaign success, though with digital campaigns there are many long-tail effects that will continue to provide return over time.

Client – Agency Relationship

Together we will succeed with efficient communication and understanding of each other’s goals.

The main service offered by Tower Agency is dedication to your brand’s expansion goals. We pride ourselves on uniting organizations to work towards consistent objectives and providing consistent dialogue . Market research is incorporated with every new project to insure that a strong differentiation has been found and the marketing budgets are allocated the most effectively.

Adapt for the Future

The marketing landscape is changing, be ahead of the curve.

With the services provided by Tower Agency you will understand where your market is headed, what your competitors are doing, and how you can combat changes in the marketplace. Knowledge is power. We expect to provide the most up to date research and trends to help you make positive business decisions into the future.


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