Long-Term Growth Partner / CMO

Hire me as a marketing manager to improve day-to-day operations and train your team.


Get back to focusing on your business and let Tower Agency support short and long term marketing decision making as your partner.

Initiate Ongoing Support and Availability!


As an experienced marketing strategist, I understand the complexity of team problem solving and task assignments.

This is a long term partnership where Tower Agency is available and ready to tackle the largest initiatives for your marketing plan.
Acting as an in-house CMO, I am available around the clock to answer questions, talk to vendors, and be your right hand marketing man.

Hire a Professional to Handle the Marketing Chaos.

You may have a team of equally brilliant accomplices, with sights set on the glittering prize. Managing the execution of marketing plans takes significant effort and can become a major issue when the team does not get enough attention to succeed. Tower agency really shines.when the situation demands an outside specialist with the energy, temperament and wherewithal to help you fine tune your interoffice mechanics.

As your ongoing partner, I will help:

Make tough marketing decisions.
Develop long-term strategic partnerships.
Answer your marketing questions at any time.
Deliver consistent and constructive input on team’s execution.
Look for small ongoing tweaks to make a big difference in efficiency.
Maintain ongoing knowledge of past marketing efforts to support future decisions.
Get you back to focusing on running your business and doing what you do best while handling marketing execution.


Benefits of a Long-Term Partner

Analysing Past Data: Using information from the past and trying our new strategies, helps to find the best ROI. By having a partner that knows where you have been and where you are going is invaluable for improved marketing decision making. Learn how to use marketing data to inform future activities.

Improving Your Goals: To achieve your goals, I need to know many factors of your business. Working together, we will clearly articulate your goals to figure out realistic expectations and benchmarks in your planning. We will find your key performance indicators and tracking metrics for the future.

Review Competitor Activities: Keep a close watch on competitors and receive quick feedback on what a competitor is doing right or wrong. Receive analysis and rankings of competitors using advanced SEO tools.

Money Wasters / Scam Offers: Don’t become a victim to shiny objects! Tower Agency knows our way around the marketing snake oil salesman and traps that can cost you dearly. Knowing when to stay away from offers or certain approaches saves you valuable funds and time. Screen sales calls from Yelp, web dev companies, and others who want to pitch you new opportunities, so you don’t have to talk to their representatives.

New Tools & Research: There are always new marketing tools available online. I will help you determine what is best for your business and if the shiny new object is actually worth your money. Allow my expertise to be your gain and stop any wasted effort on new marketing tools until they have been reviewed by Tower Agency for their potential value.

Content Management: Produce the best blog and website content with ongoing assistance and management of content calendar. Tower Agency works with your team to create new articles that improve SEO and help to remove sales roacblocks with your customers. A long term partner helps your content get better and better.


Join Forces for Long-Term Marketing Success

Every project needs a leader and your marketing efforts need a strong leader who can guide your team to victory. Add time back to your schedule by hiring Tower Agency to manage your ongoing marketing plans and feel comfortable knowing it is in good hands.

Contact Tower Agency to learn how you can hire a growth partner!