Market Research

Keyword Research

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Creating a list of keywords is the foundation of every new digital marketing campaign. The insights gained from keyword research should be used in branding, content creation, URL choice, page titles and the majority of decisions. This research shows what people are interested in, clicking on, and how they are finding or not finding your website. Our staff uses the latest analytical tools to find new opportunities aligned with your business goals.


Competitor Research

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Learning from your competition is the best way to find what you are doing right and what may be wrong. In a hot market it is easy to tell your compeitition, but in a niche market it may not be so obvious. Our research will find new competitors and provide the background details on their own search traffic. Link building tools help to find competitors inbound links that will also link in to your site or show a new sales category.


Web Analytics

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Finally. Your site is operational! Now what? As you get more traffic it is important to use analytics tools to track their usage and path through your site. Website redesigns start with research on past keywords, traffic sources, and navigational issues. There is a world of information on your customers just waiting to be discovered and Tower Agency will work with your site to uncover these details.


Strategy Sessions

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Build the foundation to explore new marketing opportunities in a brainstorming session with our agents. We discuss past success/failures, new leads, technology requirements, and general marketing strategies. Consult our knowledge on-site or through a webinar. We love meeting new clients, discussing new opportunities, and finding unique ways to conquer your greatest marketing challenges.

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