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The top content management system in the world, WordPress is the development platform of choice due its ease of implementation. WordPress has unique search engine optimization (SEO) features that increase your business rankings on Google and send quality traffic to your site. Affordable and simple to manage, Tower Agency will design, set up, and train you on your new website. Used by over 12% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular content management system in use today and has a wide range of functionality. Run a simple blog or a high-performance shopping site on the same platform. Even this site was trusted to be built and powered by WordPress. With thousands of themes available and unlimited customization, we’ll design the perfect one for your business together.

Portfolio Showcase: Mississippi Performing Arts Foundation

A responsive (mobile friendly) WordPress design was used for the Mississippi Performing Arts Foundation to help the young organization cost-effectively spread their message and gain credibility.

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US Ecommerce Sales Forecast

Offering products and services online is one of the most effective ways to reach new markets, increase efficiency, and improve profit margins.  With online sales in the United States increasing 16.4% this year to represent 8% of total retail sales,  it’s time your business got in on the action or continue to invest resources. Every sale made on your website represents a new member of your online audience who can be connected through social media or contacted for future promotions.  Compared to a retail outlet, your eCommerce website has very low overhead and is open 24/7.  Start development of your eCommerce website today and watch your sales increase.

Portfolio Showcase: Millcreek Cacao Roasters

Millcreek is a successful chocolate maker who was looking to expand sales and reach new markets. The eCommerce site we developed has put their artisan products in the hands of chocoholics across the US, with the help of an advanced shipping calculator to keep those bars from melting in the summer heat.

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Custom Development

html php css custom developer and designs for advanced functionalityMost business websites will never need advanced coding or development, but in case your needs are not fulfilled by the capabilities of WordPress and associated eCommerce platforms, we can build a customized system to fit your requirements.  Perhaps you want a specialized content management system for staff to use.  Your site might need special attention based on your audience to make it usable and accessible for the disabled.  Maybe you plan to make a site targeted to the mobile web that looks and feels like a native application.  Whatever your motivation, our team can develop the custom system you need to grow and thrive.

Portfolio Showcase: Independence Science

Independence Science Inc. provides technology, curriculum adaptation, and support to improve the education of students who are blind or visually impaired. They needed a website that was as accessible to the blind as their products and services. With the help of custom development by Tower Agency, they reached a wider audience and increased customer satisfaction.

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