Independence Science

Independence Science

You Don’t Need to See to Believe in this Inspirational Organization

Science laboratories. They can be dangerous for someone with vision, imagine what it would be like if you could not see the beakers or lab table. This is a major issue students who are visually impaired WILL deal with in high school. Independence Science research has been funded to conquer the misconception that if a student is blind they can not compete in science courses.

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Independence Science has worked with Tower Agency for over 2 years and bonded a strong and long lasting relationship. Funded by the National Science Foundation and operating in a super niche market, this startup needed a long tail campaign that would educate the population on adapted science tools.

Inbound marketing techniques were the perfect fit for this young organization that not only needed to sell their product, but also had to convince the world that it is safe for students who are visually impaired to be in science courses. Tower Agency implemented an access blog, newsletter and social media strategies to spread the good word across the industry. In less than two years, the science access newsletter has grown to over 1,100 subscribers with another 1,100 fans on Facebook. These lists are full of influential members of the blindness community, using targeted Facebook advertising and tradeshow exhibiting the members of this super niche understand the Independence Science brand.

Much effort has been placed on the accessibility of the Independence Science and it has gone through many face-lifts. The latest design is a custom content management system to better differentiate products, download digital files, and sign up users for yearly subscriptions. This site is often used with a screen reader and the site has been tested and improved to assure for accessible navigation.

Tower Agency attends about 10 conferences a year to represent Independence Science. Most notable conferences have been Assistive Technology Industry Association, National Federation of the Blind National Convention, California State University Disabilities Conference, Accessing Higher Education, and International Society for Technology in Education. Most conferences involve the accessible laboratory table, which includes adapted technology, tools, and graphics for someone to complete a science experiment without vision.

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