VIDEO: How To Troubleshoot WordPress

VIDEO: How To Troubleshoot WordPress

FACT: You Will Encounter Site Errors.

Understanding how to solve problems with WordPress and where to find the solutions is half the battle. We have compiled the resources you should use when troubleshooting, some of the errors that will lead to these resources and where to find them on the internet. For more advanced troubleshooting, please contact the agency

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When updating your site and you receive a white screen of death it is not time to freak out, take a deep breath, get your detective’s hat on and start debugging. There are many answers on the internet, not always correct, and this can make it difficult. Your theme will have helpful resources as well as your host and should be checked first after searching on Google for the problem. Below we have listed the 4 areas you will need to investigate to find the root of the issue.


Troubleshooting WordPress Errors & Resources Video

There are several references to check for solutions to your specific WordPress problem. Always make sure that your themes, plugins, and framework are up to date as that could be an easy fix to your issue. Before attempting any troubleshooting, be sure to back up your site so you will not lose any data.



Top 4 Most Common Sites To Find Solutions

  • Host/Server (Database Errors)
  • Theme (Visual Errors)
  • Plugin (Formatting Conflicts and Security Flaws)
  • WordPress Codex/Framework (Function and Back-End Issues)

If your host is not working, you may need to contact your host or read through their documentation.

If you are having a problem with plugins, you may have to go through and disable each plugin one by one until you find the faulty one. Once you have isolated the faulty plugin, you may need to update it or simply remove it. You can read more about plugin issues on the WordPress Codex.

If you are having a theme issue, you can most likely find the answer to the problem on the support page of the site where you got the theme such as ElegantThemes. If not, then you can post your problem to the forum page of the site and someone will surely be along to help.

If your issue does not fall into any of these categories, you should visit the WordPress Codex and Support Forums first to see if you can solve this issue yourself before seeking professional help.

For more advanced troubleshooting issues, please contact our staff at Tower Agency.


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