3 WordPress Plugins for Safety, Security, and Speed

3 WordPress Plugins for Safety, Security, and Speed

When setting up a new website or pulling off a high-stakes jewelry heist, there are three important things on the mind of every team member: Safety, Security, and Speed.

Until each of these concerns has been addressed your precious site is vulnerable to attack from hackers, bugs, and disgruntled users.  We’ve identified three WordPress plugins to help you build up virtual defenses so you can get back to posting content in peace.


The diversity and depth of the WordPress ecosystem is a major reason it has become the top content management system,W3Techs report a 60% market share as of January 2014 but that also means components don’t always play nice with each other.  At Tower Agency we’ve experienced plugin updates reducing a client website to are gnarled pile of code.  Because we had a reliable backup plugin installed and activated, the panic was only temporary.  Here’s our current favorite:

BackUpWordpressBackupWordpress Plugin

  • Manage multiple schedules

  • Super simple to use, no setup required

  • Option to have each backup file emailed to you

  • Works in low memory, “shared host” environments

  • Exclude files and folders from your back ups

  • Backup entire site including database and all files


A fully functional backup plugin protects your site from compatibility issues, staff, and yourself… but what about external parties who mean to deface your site or steal valuable information?  Hackers are nefarious (and let’s face it, kinda cool) and the only way to thwart them off is with site security that keeps pace with rapidly changing technology.  This plugin protects against vulnerabilities you never knew existed; the name says it all:

BulletProof SecurityBulletProof Security WordPress Plugin

  • WordPress version is removed

  • 503 – Website Maintenance Mode

  • Brute Force Login Security Protection

  • WP Dashboard Alerts / Dismiss Notices

  • Root file security with .htaccess files and firewall

  • Anti Comment Spambot .htaccess code – Forbid Empty Referrer Spambots

  • Security Log Automation: Automatically zipped, emailed and replaced based on file size


Now that you’re feeling prepared against threats from both inside and out it’s time to rest, right?  Wrong.  All those plugins and php scripts are probably slowing down your site’s load times, leading to a negative user experience.36 sec page load... -_______- You need a way to prepared for traffic spikes (featured on digg?) and reduce bounces while making the most of your server package.  This plugin is a go-to for Tower Agency:

WP Super Cache

  • WP Super Cache Plugin

    Generates static html files from dynamic WordPress blog

  • Delivers files without accessing database

  • Automated mimic of manual page caching

  • Static html files served to majority of users

  • Works well with WordPress MU

These are our favorite, must-have plugins for each site we develop.

What are your go-to plugins and what experiences have you had with website security, safety, and speed?

Please tell us in the comments below. Happy Developing.


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