4 Steps to Business Success with Inbound Marketing

4 Steps to Business Success with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Strategies Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses.

Let’s say you decide to place an ad in the local newspaper or local cable provider. Besides outputting a hefty sum to place the ad, you receive only a rough estimate of how many viewers may have glanced at your advertisement.  And in no way can you tell if any of them visited your website or are a potential lead? How can you tell if they are getting ready to make a purchase? With the old marketing model, to assess the success of your campaign it would take months to analyze your sales numbers and that may be too late.


In the modern digital world, traditional marketing doesn’t cut it.


Using a well-executed and cohesive inbound marketing strategy you will achieve a more targeted reach with a far lower initial investment!


Follow these 4 steps to get your inbound marketing strategy underway:


  1. Attract people interested in your products and industry to your website.  Use targeted keywords throughout a regular stream of blog articles and content updates, promoted through social media channels.
  2. Convert visitors to your website into sales leads.  An email sign-up form placed strategically around your website will engage visitors, while membership to a club or newsletter increases the incentive.
  3. Close the deal with your growing list of leads.  Through email outreach or a newsletter, offer exclusive pricing and promotions to these engaged, interested targets.
  4. Delight new customers with a continuous steam of content relevant to their purchase.  These satisfied customers will become evangelists for your business, bringing new leads to your website through word-of-mouth and social media sharing.


Billboards and magazine ads get information in front of people, but more often than not, it’s the wrong people.


Media is increasingly consumed online, therefore advertisements should be where your audience is spending time; on the internet. With so much data available to be collected about consumers and their interests marketing can now be tailored to your target demographic much more easily.  This makes the marketing process more effective, efficient, and affordable for small businesses. Inbound marketing is not about advertising, it is about providing valuable information to your target audience which therefore establishes you as a thought leader and an industry leader. A television ad just can not portray this kind of information.

Through the use of website and social media analytics, you can evaluate the strategies and promotions that work best to move people through each phase of this process.  The best part of inbound marketing?  It is based on a more strategic use of the existing aspects of your business.  Inbound marketing is particularly effective targeting niche markets; to learn more read about our success creating and engaging an audience for Independence Science.

Portfolio Showcase: Independence Science

For over two years Tower Agency has provided Independence Science with a stream of relevant, engaging content for their audience through their blog, newsletter, and social media channels. This effort has established Independence Science as a thought leader in classroom accessibility and raised their following to over 1100 Facebook fans and another 1100 newsletter readers. Learn More

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