Copy + Paste to Eat for a Day, Learn to Code and You’ll Eat for A Lifetime!

Copy + Paste to Eat for a Day, Learn to Code and You’ll Eat for A Lifetime!

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer code.

I just signed up to support this wonderful organization started by twin brothers in Silicon Valley. They bring up a great point and support a mission that will only become more necessary as we go further into the digital world. Personally I didn’t learn a line of code until after college, but have since become intrigued and now dive into html/css3 for altering WordPress sites.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 US K12 schools do not offer computer programming classes? And that Forbes magazine ranked a degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon College as the best paying degree in the USA in 2013?

There are six ways you can help spread the word about | Non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer science education

1) Help us promote computer science education

Find out what you can do locally to turn around these shocking statistics.
If you’re in the US, support the Computer Science Education Act.

small infographic

2) Ask your local school to teach computer science
Your local school can teach this self-serve intro course, partner with us to bring computer science to your entire district, and inspire students with these videos. Check our map to see if your school teaches computer science, and if not, ask them to.

3) Teach locally as a volunteer
Host an Hour of Code or a longer self-serve intro course at a local school or club. Or sign up as a volunteer to hear about mentoring opportunities from local teachers.

4) Buy a t-shirt or hat to spread the word
We have some pretty awesome shirts, and 5% of proceeds go to charity.

code shirt

5) Donate money to We’re a very lean and mean organization, and we appreciate your help.

6) In the US?
Tell Congress that you support the Computer Science Education Act
Ask your representatives to support it, too.

The members of Tower Agency, Inc. sincerely hope you will spread this philanthropic message, buy a t-shirt or support this movement in whatever way possible. Maybe you can even take a short course at or play one of their fun games. Either way, thanks for reading and have a great day.


 Infographic by

infographic on students who learn computer science


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