Digital Marketing Portfolio Update

Digital Marketing Portfolio Update

We’ve been busy and that means portfolio updates!

The past few months have been a very exciting period of growth for our small digital agency as we have been incorporating new agents into the mix while bringing on some very exciting projects. I would like to introduce you to our wonderful new clients and am happy to announce that they also love us back.

We pride ourselves on customer service and a happy client means we did two things right:

  1. The project was completed to both party’s expectations.
  2. Successfully learned about client needs, found viable solutions, and executed properly.

Brenda Heckert

Brenda Heckert - Actress

Her quirky personality is shown through jokes, pictures, and videos to help casting directors see the fun nature she brings to the set. Exemplified by her saying “It costs an Arm, a Leg, and a Thigh.” By adding a blogging component to the site she is able to increase community engagement across facebook, twitter and other social sharing sites.

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Nualgi America

Nualgi Ponds   Safely Controls Algae to Promote Fish   Pond Health

Nualgi is a new brand that uses microscopic technology to produce Diatom growth in aquariums, thus removing nuisance algae. Tower Agency was brought in to expand this brand to the new products Nualgi Ponds and Nualgi Bloom, as well as maintain the brand of Nualgi Aquarium.

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Utah Coffee Expressions

Utah Coffee Expressions  LLC   Utah s Finest Specialty Roasted Coffees

An entrepreneurial couple in Utah contacted us to fix their e-commerce site that had been in development for over 6 months in the Phillipines… Quickly the Tower agents got to work to diagnose the issues that were being caused with the site and a lot was miss-communication between the developers and the client. The simple tasks had become overly complex pieces of development that were unfortunately not using the WordPress content management system properly.

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Shoreline Construction

Shoreline Construction   Custom Homes of Personal Distinction

The original Shoreline site had an image gallery and a basic description of the company. We added a personality with high resolution images to better represent the high quality work produced by this home construction company. A beautiful new website was created to showcase the work performed by this construction company and further position them as a top developer of Nantucket Style beach homes.

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Sheets at the Beach

Sheets at the Beach

Vera Bailey built a dominant regional reputation with her top quality rental products and amazing service. Tower Agency stepped in when an outdated website began to make operations difficult for both her and customers.

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Jeff West

The J List - Tips for a refined lifestyle and home.

When Jeff West decided to transition his focus from retail to interior design, the Tower team created a powerful way to stay connected with fans and customers. For years Jeff West Home was a regionally acclaimed source for traditionally hip furniture, unique home goods, and products from local artisans.

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As we grow we will add to our client portfolio. Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more digital marketing success stories.


Digital marketing agent by day and amateur crime fighter by night. This ninja ginja writes about technology trends, social media advancements, and light commentary on our digital culture. Founder of Tower Agency, Roger can be found working hard in the office or playing hard outside.

Positivity is a virtue and there is no shortage with this young entrepreneur.

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