Millcreek Cacao Roasters

Millcreek Cacao Roasters

Mmm chocolate…who doesn’t love chocolate?

Our mountain biking friends, Dana and Mark at Millcreek Cacao Roasters make gourmet chocolate bars out of the finest cacao beans around the world, but their site didn’t show it. Their cacao was rare but their site was bland and didn’t represent the fascinating story behind the beans.

Millcreek Cacao Roasters logo

In need of a cost-effective website, Tower Agency was hired to build and maintain a new WordPress e-commerce site. By starting with keyword research, the agents discovered that the terminology “dark chocolate” was underused in their website content. Other discoveries led to high search rankings for health benefits of cacao products. Utilizing the WordPress blogging platform to build the site made it easy for the clients to post their own articles to the website and use the search engine ranking features that were already part of the system.

Further research proved that there is very little competition to their latest product, cacao teas. Tower Agency worked with Millcreek to develop an image for their new teas through on-site consultations and a product photoshoot. This product expansion made sense for the small business since they were already discarding the shell and nibs. Sustainability is important for any growing business and utilizing excess product to make a new and bolder product offering is exactly how to cut into new market territory.

Agents met an interested challenge when developing the shipping module for Millcreek. In the warmer months, the shipping costs greatly increased due to the need to ship faster. No one likes melted chocolate, unless you are making smores. We weren’t making smores and implemented a more advanced shipping module.

homepage of millcreek cacao roasters

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