Mississippi Performing Arts Foundation

Mississippi Performing Arts Foundation

Honoring the past, building for the future.

Tower Agency catalyzed the initial growth of the Mississippi performing arts foundation with an attractive new WordPress website, graphic design of logos and brand images, strategy sessions for growth and expansion. 

MsPAF Logo


MsPAF was founded in March 2013 to encourage Mississippians to experience the inspirational impact of live performing arts.  In addition to working with the MS Opera, Ballet, and Symphony Orchestra, the foundation has two major goals.  The first of these is to honor Mississippians distinguished in the performing arts, starting with a documentary showcasing the life and career of legendary opera soprano Leontyne Price.  The foundation also plans to build and maintain a state-of-the-art performing arts venue in addition to supporting performing artists with their cultural enrichment and youth scholarship programs.

Tower Agency has had the pleasure of working with MsPAF since its establishment, helping to craft the young organization’s image, message, and audience.  Graphic design of images and logos put a face to the MsPAF name, while Google Voice implementation helps the staff manage phone inquiries at very low cost.  Development of a website for the foundation was accomplished cost-effectively on the WordPress platform.  The Tower Agency team also optimized the site for mobile viewing, so no zooming in on tiny text for their growing audience viewing on phones and tablets.  The new site provides a credible online information outlet and has the ability expand in features and complexity as the organization grows.

Ongoing strategy sessions with the MsPAF Board of Trustees are informing next steps for the foundation.  With a large outreach effort and crowd-funding campaign on the horizon, it’s clear the future of Mississippi’s performing arts is in good hands.



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