New and Improved Website

New and Improved Website

It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new website for me!

And i’m feeeeeeling goooood. Badum badum badadada dada dum.

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s move on from Michael Buble. This new website for Tower Marketing Agency will feature different insights and tips for businesses interested to learn more about how to successfully market their business.

Generally focusing on inbound and online strategies, I would expect there to be some insights on trade show marketing and offline strategies. Business development, client relationships and the need to vent after a long week of work may also find their way into this business marketing blog.

Tower Agency was the original name of this business but after being mistaken for a modeling agency, it was time to add more information about the nature of this consultancy. I’m Roger Tower, and available to answer your questions, explore new ideas and recap on poor uses of QR codes, so please email me what you may want to accomplish in our relationship.

Without further ado, I present what you have all been waiting for…


Roger Tower is a marketing consultant, blogger, and small business advocate. Completely obsessed with advertising, you will often find him talking to commercials and offering up better marketing techniques.


Digital marketing agent by day and amateur crime fighter by night. This ninja ginja writes about technology trends, social media advancements, and light commentary on our digital culture. Founder of Tower Agency, Roger can be found working hard in the office or playing hard outside.

Positivity is a virtue and there is no shortage with this young entrepreneur.

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