Nualgi America

Nualgi America

Engaged and active user communities.

Small niche communities are often your first step when delving into a new market opportunity providing influential groups with the power to be evangelists and champions for your brand which creates a strong foundation for success.

Nualgi is a new brand that uses microscopic nano-silica to spark a Diatom bloom in any body of water, which eliminates unsightly nuisance algae, provides live feed for fish, and restores the habitat’s natural balance. The community of aquarists are very knowledgeable, excited, and highly engaged in the maintenance of their aquariums as well as supporting others in the hobby.

As a member of the content and web development team, Tower Agency joined the movement to balance ecosystems with the revolutionary nano-scale technology, Nualgi. The inbound marketing agents are expanding the Nualgi Aquarium community through in-depth engagement with users online. The campaign originally launched with a free sample program prior to the agency’s involvement. This wonderful idea and website was developed by to introduce the USA to a better way to manage their aquarium’s algae.

Nualgi Ponds was launched in May 2014 to continue to expand the nano technology movement outside the aquarium community. This project included content and branding for each of the new products. Market research and product development studies led to the creation of a compelling value pitch for the young brands. A well populated FAQ section overcame many of the overwhelming ideas of nano-technology to shorten the sales process and better inform the target audience. All sites were built responsively for pixel perfect mobile/tablet rendering. Community outreach to influential bloggers, social media sites and forums helped to organically spread information about the free sample and 50% off programs for these brand new products.

Management of newsletters, incoming testimonials, blog creation, and digital advertising are some of the ongoing tasks that provide valuable information to each of these communities while keeping products salient. This company is young, growing, and exactly the type of project that the Tower agents enjoying diving into.

Customer Testimonial Explosion

We’ve learned, there is no better way to spread the love and than using real user submitted testimonials.

View all the customer testimonials that are just pouring into the site.

With the majority of credit going to fellow San Diego inbound marketing consultant, Andrew Rowland, Tower Agency compiles testimonials for Nualgi Aquarium to show the real success stories of these highly engaged product users.


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