Outplay: Building Community & Driving Leads Through Organic Search

Outplay: Building Community & Driving Leads Through Organic Search


Jeff is a retired aerospace engineer on a mission: to reinvent sex toys. Jeff’s goal was to create a better quality product more fit for the user.

The Problem

Jeff had a myriad of great ideas he wanted to put to the test. In order to bring the perfect product to life, he wanted feedback from users to guide the prototype development. From this prototype he hoped to create a scalable design to go to market. He needed a community to gather this feedback from and take his idea from vision to reality. 


The Solution

Tower Agency assisted Jeff in creating the Pioneer Testing Program, a community of cam girls, sex experts, bloggers, and performers with extensive knowledge of sex toys. This community of influencers could provide the exact feedback he needed to improve his project. 

In order to drive leads and garner interest in the program, Roger assisted in writing the Cam Model Guide to Sex Toys. Along with email automation implementation, they were able to grow their community of users and increase applicants for the Pioneer Testing Program. 

The growth of the community generated awareness for Outplay’s product which in turn garnered the feedback needed to continue to improve upon the product itself. 


Services Utilized

  • Strategy sessions
  • Community building through Pioneer Program
  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Lead tracking 
  • Video creation
  • SEO


The Result / Data Analysis


Good growth over the first year to attract new users to the website.

Total goal completions since site inception with breakdown of each goal type. 

Targeted phrases ranked and clicked on from google, over lifetime of reporting.