Paley Advisors, LLC: Website Development & Branding

Paley Advisors, LLC: Website Development & Branding

Paley Advisors, LLC is a global mergers and acquisitions firm located in New York.

They provide clients with strategic and tactical business solutions, dealing with large transitions within the companies. 

Paley Advisors came to Tower Agency looking for help in rebranding their online presence to elevate their look to be on par with the world-class service they already provided. They needed a new website with a new look to generate leads and attract potential clients and buyers.


The Problem

Paley Advisors needed a new, elevated website that showcased their services and presented them as a global leader in their industry. They wanted to present their brand with a clean, elegant look that stood above the rest, along with mobile optimization for brilliant presentation and functionality. And, in order to best serve potential clients, they needed a lead intake form on their site.


The Solution

Roger worked with the team to develop and improve the logo and branding color scheme for an elegant, global look and feel. He then built a new WordPress site utilizing city imagery and wrote page content to best convey their company online and attract clients and potential buyers. New partner pages highlight the people behind the firm, adding credibility and humanity to the site. 


Services Utilized

  • Website development & design
  • Branding and logo work
  • Character design 


The Proof


Nearly 5% of users spend over 3 minutes on the website.


New York and other high worth metro areas in top sessions