Princeton Printer

Princeton Printer

A Family Success Story Worth Sharing

The family owned business Princeton Printer has been with Tower Agency since early 2011 and has completely revamped their image, expanded operations and incorporated new technology into the business.

Based on keyword research and website analytics the name Princeton Printer was established and re-branded from the outdated name Triangle Reprocenter. With minor website content redesigns, local optimization efforts, and inbound marketing techniques Princeton Printer received 6,745 unique hits during quarter 2 of 2013. This was almost double the number they had in 2011. Keyword research with past analytics are utilized in the majority of Tower Agency clients and will help to find out your business’s recipe for success.

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As the go-to business for Princeton Theses bindings the company puts in extra marketing efforts during March to June to establish a strong brand identity for graduating seniors who all must print their thesis. Utilizing the advanced targeting of Facebook advertising Tower Agency received it’s most efficient and successful pay-per-click campaign ever.

tower marketing agency portfolio facebook results

After day 1 and into day 2, 45 Princeton seniors had clicked through the ad and onto the thesis ordering page. All for the cost of $3.36. There is no other advertising medium that can so quickly and efficiently target users for under $5.00. By the end of the week, almost all 750+ targets had viewed the ad and combined with the other word of mouth strategies used the company received the most in-house bindings to date.


Digital marketing agent by day and amateur crime fighter by night. This ninja ginja writes about technology trends, social media advancements, and light commentary on our digital culture. Founder of Tower Agency, Roger can be found working hard in the office or playing hard outside.

Positivity is a virtue and there is no shortage with this young entrepreneur.

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