SEPRES Presbyterian Services

SEPRES Presbyterian Services

Spreading a Message of Congolese Empowerment

This church group goes down into Congo to meet with their partner organization to provide services for the local people. The main mission is to provide activities that will educate the population on skills that will give back to the community. Quite an uplifting story indeed.

SEPRES is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 as a partnership between Presbyterian parishes in Delaware and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  They have made major progress in their mission to raise the living conditions of over 3 million Congolese people, including the launch of vocational training programs and the construction of an educational center.

When Tower Agency began working with SEPRES, none of these accomplishments were receiving attention due to an outdated and insufficient online presence.  Strategy sessions and market research informed the development of a new image and redesigned website, while special nonprofit rates and low-cost development tools allowed SEPRES to save funds for their Congolese beneficiaries.

SEPRES Website Before and After

They are now able to reach a wider audience, showcase accomplishments, and spread a compelling call to action.  

Read about what SEPRES is doing firsthand, or better yet donate today.



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