Shoreline Construction

Shoreline Construction

Full Width and Responsive Construction Portfolio

The original Shoreline site was limited to an image gallery and a brief description. We added a personality with high resolution images to better represent the high quality work produced by this home construction company.

A beautiful new website was created to showcase the work performed by this construction company and further position them as a top developer of Nantucket Style beach houses. This downtown Rehoboth beach cottage is one of the featured projects that has been included on the site to represent their design style. The new logo, identity, and re-branded image were created by Tower Agency. This foundation was used to create new letterheads, envelopes and print media to distribute to potential clients.

The site is ranking well for the name of the state, the owner’s name and the company’s name. This is good news as “Shoreline” turns out to be a popular regional business name. The site is equipped with SEO techniques but was primarily created to show new projects to prospective clients. Instead of a simple and uninformative image gallery, the Shoreline portfolio now features each property individually on a beautiful and user-friendly platform. The 0% bounce rate shows viewers are consistently interested in exploring new pages on the website.


 View other beautiful photos of this project and other beach cottage homes at Shoreline.Construction



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