Superior Movers: New Website Launch & Organic Content Strategy Creation

Superior Movers: New Website Launch & Organic Content Strategy Creation

Superior Movers is a local San Diego moving company providing white glove, high-end service to office and residential moves.

This family-owned business came to Tower Agency after struggling with the functionality of an old website and overspending on advertising dollars. Their goal was to better educate their potential customers on the cost of moving, what to expect, and how best to prepare for a residential or office move. This is where Roger came in to assist Superior Movers as they established themselves as the go-to name in the high-end moving service. 


The Problem

Superior Movers were getting leads, however, they lacked awareness on where they were coming from. Leads were tracking toward Yelp instead of coming directly to the website where Superior Movers hoped to collect contact information and educate potential customers on the moving process. 

The old website also lacked SEO and a blog, leading Superior Movers to overspend on advertising in order to attract potential customers in other ways. They were ready for a robust new marketing campaign. 


The Solution

Roger worked with the family team to manage new leads by tracking Yelp ads and managing adwords to direct traffic targeted back toward the website. Through creation of new lead intake forms, they were better able to collect contact information from potential customers and set a benchmark for leads per month. 

Tower Agency worked with a third party web developer to manage the website design and Roger assisted with direction and project management.

In order to boost organic traffic and educate movers on the moving process and what to expect, Roger launched a blog and FAQ section to provide value to those coming to the site. He also created multiple landing pages for different regions for better SEO. To complete the lead process, Roger implemented an email automation launch for those who signed up to receive a quote from Superior Movers. 

To round out a more robust marketing campaign, Roger increased the efficiency of their paid marketing strategy and reduced the cost of pay-per-click spend to best serve their advertising dollars. Better SEO sought through thorough targeted keyword research attracted even more leads organically. 


Services Utilized

  • Strategy sessions
  • SEO research
  • Blog strategy, writing, and editing
  • Website developer project management
  • PPC Management
  • Local SEO


The Proof


Custom dashboard tracking goals and goal conversion rate on website. Includes the goal completion sources and locations of users.