Utah Coffee Expressions

Utah Coffee Expressions

Coffee, Tea, Chocolate & Good Wholesome E-commerce Fun

An entrepreneurial couple in Utah contacted us to fix their e-commerce site that had been in development for over 6 months in the Phillipines…

Utah Coffee Expressions


Quickly the Tower agents got to work to diagnose the issues that were being caused with the site and a lot was miss-communication between the developers and the client. The simple tasks had become overly complex pieces of development that were unfortunately not using the WordPress content management system properly.

After an initial review and good communication between parties it was off to the races to get the site live, functioning, and ready for orders. Errors with the original theme selected were diagnosed and the site was transferred over to our favorite, Divi by Elegant themes before receiving a comprehensive face-lift and functionality overhaul.

And so their site devoted to fine specialty utah coffee was born!

The point of this story is to show that diligent troubleshooting and proper client communication can overcome any marketing challenge, even one with a long and expensive track record. Building a site is one page, but building it how the client expects is a totally different novel.

A strong balance between expected functionality, quick time to launch, and budget-conscious development allowed the agency to complete this redesign with flying colors.

Roast Selection Perfection

One of the major issues facing the other developers was how to allow buyers to sort the products by roast type. We utilized the categories function and created a stylish custom sidebar selection widget that allowed all category pages to show the sorting menu.

View their showcase page and the roast selector below. 

Products   Utah Coffee Expressions  LLC


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Positivity is a virtue and there is no shortage with this young entrepreneur.

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