Sheets at the Beach

Sheets at the Beach

New Platform Improves Rental Experience

Vera Bailey built a dominant regional reputation with her top quality rental products and amazing service. Tower Agency stepped in when an outdated website began to make operations difficult for both her and customers.


After several years of work with a variety of amazing clients, Vera is the only one to have built her own eCommerce website with almost no outside help. This original website enabled her to start a successful business but had several shortcomings which made ordering, fulfillment, and inventory difficult.

Her old Network Solutions eCommerce platform was designed for a traditional retail business. Inventory comes in, orders are placed, and inventory goes out, never to be seen again. Sheets at the Beach is a rental business; inventory is returned after a set duration and needs to be tracked based on the dates it is used rather than an overall total. Because of this flaw Vera would ultimately oversell for busy summer weekends, forcing her to purchase more product or shut down her site entirely and lose valuable customers.

Tower agents designed the new Sheets at the Beach website with a built-in booking and inventory system. This enables Vera to set a daily limit on the rentals for each of her products, preventing her from becoming overbooked but allowing customers to pick up every last available rental. Thanks to some custom modifications, Sheets at the Beach was able to maintain their exact pricing structure of separate flat rates for Weekend, 1 Week, and 2 Week rentals.

Custom Emails + Awesome Service = YES

In addition to designing a beautiful new website with updated ordering and inventory systems, Tower agents customized the customer email notifications to encourage feedback and engagement. After picking up her rental products from each property, Vera marks the order complete. This automatically delivers a thank you email to the customer asking them to submit a Yelp review. Just three weeks after launch Sheets at the Beach had received five 5-star reviews!

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